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Get ready to handle any role under the Human Resource Management responsibilities.

Top 8+ Programs corporate world of HR

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What all you will learn:

CORE HR - Discussion on different management concepts of Core HR

HR PROFILES - Understand the different profiles within the HR functions

START UP - Learn how a small organization can plan its HRM.

WORKFORCE PLANNING - Building scalable workforce

​TEAM BUILDING - Hiring and Growing with your team

HR Planning Tools - All tools that can save the time.

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HR Growth Essentials

Growth Mindset

Develop the Strategic mindset to support an organisation in meeting its objectives.

HRM skills

Develop your own approach to skillfully managing employees

People Value Proposition

Hire talented people who enable company to achieve its goals.


Recruitment Methods

Conventional methods of sourcing through different job portal.



Build a strong team to grow your business consistently

Creating a performance management culture through HR programs and practices.

Learn to set key performance objectives for individuals and strategic approach to create and sustain improved performance in employees.

Compensation management is something that companies must take seriously if they are to achieve a competitive advantage in the market for talent.

Collective bargaining is a part of the labor contract negotiations process and involves drafting an agreement between a labor union and the employer.

What all you will get:

Understand the terms and conditions of the exchange and the nature of the conflict and work with the other party to define the ground rules and procedures for the negotiation.

Collective bargaining consists of negotiations between an employer and a group of employees in order to determine the conditions of employment.Β 

The grievance procedure eliminates employment at will and employees must go through a progressive discipline process before being disciplined or terminated. Each step of the grievance procedure must be negotiated between the employer and the union and varies from contract to contract.

It's time to create a team management plan that will put your leadership and management skills to the test.

To do that, you first need to understand what the concept really means.

Useful techniques - Sourcing and Screening

Learn how the entire recruitment process begins with the Manpower planning then further creating the organizational structure.

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