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My son understands Maths better with DigiGrowHub
Father of Souradip
Class 9 | Banglore
DigiGrowHub helped me understand the concepts through real-life example
Suraj Peela
Class 9 | Banglore
My son understands Maths better with DigiGrowHub
Father of Manav
Class 9 | Banglore
DigiGrowHub is the best app
Mother of Devananda
Class 9 | Banglore

Success Stories

Kavya T

“The pandemic came as a shock to us, dwindling our hopes for the future.”

I am 21 years old and was contemplating my choices when the pandemic struck. In those unprecedented times, I was at crossroads about pursuing PGDM or securing a placement and that was when I chose a third way that was to sharpen my skills along with my studies in college and build up a strong resume.

A friend recommended Digirgowhub and I chose to pursue a course in Digital Marketing with 2 of my friends. Now, with back to back college classes, it became difficult for us to give enough time to the course. It was unfeasible to complete the course within the stipulated time of 45 days but the faculty at Digigrowhub supported us immensely. They were always ready to change the timing of our classes to suit our schedule and never complained about our tortoise’s pace. Flexibility was one of the biggest merits of joining Digigrowhub and they gave us our personal space.

My parents were extremely supportive of my busy schedule and helped me in every way possible. I couldn’t have completed these courses without their constant motivation and support. As I took classes almost all day, it was difficult for me to get out often and that was when my parents took extreme care of me. They brought me food and sat with me while I took my classes. Their mere presence played an extremely important part in encouraging me. 

My professors, Mr. Sanyam and Mr, Naveen were very considerate as well. They patiently guided me throughout this amazing journey. They took personal care in measuring my progress and guided me through the nuances of digital marketing. The best part about this internship is that I have got mentors for life who are ever ready to clear my doubts, even after finishing the courses. 

After the course, I was one of the lucky fews to get to intern at Digigrowhub itself as part of my live project. Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram, I can now market and increase reach on any of these top social media platforms. With expertise in Email marketing as well, I feel ready to apply this knowledge anywhere. The digital marketing course was a full fledged course and so along with Digital Marketing, I was also taught the skill of writing content and it’s suitability on various platforms. Now I feel more confident about my writing skills and have also written content in my internship for Quora, Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook. The program of Digital Marketing has propelled me to enroll in more related courses.

Currently I am pursuing a course in web development and I will be more than happy to do a third course as well. Mentors don’t only teach, they help us in discovering what we already have. They are a beacon of hope when times are macabre and the old normals are shifting. Creativity is natural but skills can always be learnt and sharpened. At Digigrowhub, I have understood that it is never too late. Never too late to restart, reshape and rekindle.


Shanumuganathan P

Learning a course without understanding it’s practical implications is like learning to drive a car by watching an online video. We learn to apply our knowledge by doing practicals and that is the prime aspect of my Digigrowhub experience.

So, after doing civil engineering, I thought of doing PGDM in hopes of pivoting my own start-up in the future. Marketing seemed like a great option since obtaining reach is the most important and most difficult part of any new venture. I had heard of Digigrowhub from a classmate and thought of testing it myself. I enrolled in the digital marketing course and was so satisfied with the curriculum that I rejoined for another course. The faculty was always easily accessible and gave me the freedom to ask doubts at any time of the day. The flextime was incredible as I got to complete the course along with my college classes. My parents are very supportive of my career choices and thus gave me personal space to learn. They were very precautious about disturbing me and thus facilitated a separate study room for me. These little things done by them means a lot to me and I hope to give them back a thousand folds. A secondary thing that I learnt from this course is leadership. After completing the course, I got the opportunity to intern at Digigrowhub and was given the responsibility to manage a team for the same. During the course of this internship, I got to familiarise myself with a diverse set of people. Some would often take initiative, some would only take orders, there were introverts and extroverts. I learnt ways to manage them and respect their individuality. I don’t think I could have learnt this from anywhere but here. As the internship started soon after the course was over, it was like a revision when I applied my knowledge in this live project. As a student of management, I consider this a prime feature of learning at Digigrowhub. Raziya Ma’am helped me at every step to understand nuances of management. She helped me in coordinating with others, in delegating work and supported my decisions along the way. The whole faculty was very nurturing as they took personal care in checking each student’s progress.

Divya T

Divya T

Time management, hard work and quitting my lethargic ways, these are the things that I learnt during my course and internship time at Digigrowhub.

My name is Divya T and I live in Tamil Nadu. I am currently in the second year of my MBA from Bishop Heber College and due to the pandemic, I was taking my online classes but nothing else. My parents were not proud of my lazy ways as they saw me doing nothing after those classes but sitting ideal. After a recommendation from a friend, I thought of changing my ways and learning something to upskill my resume and thus, I joined Digigrowhub for a course in Digital Marketing. I have selected Marketing as my major and HR as specialisation in my second year which will start soon and the prior learning of Digital Marketing from Digigrowhub will assist me a lot in the same.

At first, it was tough to adjust to the idea of doing a course side by side with my college classes but the best thing about Digigrowhub is personalisation. All my class timings were personalised to cater to my comfort, I was allowed to ask doubts at any time of the day and would get a reply instantaneously from my teachers. I learnt to use the basic aspects of all the top social media platforms, off page and on page views, whatsapp marketing, posting on instagram and facebook, quora writing and blog writing. It was a wonderful experience as I got to learn about keys I wasn’t aware about earlier and read insights to target properly and gain reach.
My parents now feel proud as they see me working for my future. After the course, I got an internship opportunity with Digigrowhub itself where I applied all my prior knowledge to work with a team under the supervision of Raziya Ma’am. Another factor that is amazing is that I got time flexibility during the internship as well. I am allowed to work according to my time and since my exams were also going on, my supervisor didn’t overwork me and took care of my available timing. 

Opportunities knock at the door but once and I took that opportunity and welcomed it with open arms to seize the future.



My first online course and Internship as a student of class 9th is also my subtle first step in making a future of my dreams for myself.

My Name is Drishti and I am from West Bengal. Currently, I am studying in standard 9th with a focus on the IT industry. I got to know about Digigrowhub from my elder sister who wanted to do some online courses but couldn’t due to her class 12th exams. She went through the website and was impressed enough to introduce me to Digigrowhub. I enrolled here for the course of Graphic Designing in my summer break so as to give it my 100%.

I learnt to use Canva, Quello, Mockupbro from scratch along with video-editing, website designing and professional designing. The best thing about Digugrowhum is its flexibility and personalisation. Being the most junior student, I was taught everything from basics. Vihar sir and Sanyam sir were omnipresent during my course and helped me a lot in overcoming the challenges of being a first user. After the course, I got the opportunity to intern for Digigrowhub and I took the chance to apply all that I have learnt. The timing of my school classes and exams are all pre-considered before giving me tasks and I learn something new everyday.

I made a few posters and carousel posts for the Digigrowhub website and I’m very proud to have my work published on such an amazing platform. I show them off to my classmates and friends and even they are amazed to see my work. They often ask about my source of learning and I happily recommend Digigrowhub.

My parents are extremely happy to see me working at such an age. I am highly motivated and would come back for other courses. This internship will also add brilliantly to my resume and fasten the process of building a good CV.

My elder sister often looks at my work and appreciates my efforts. After going through my stuff, she is now highly motivated to join Digigrowhub soon after her exams are over. 

I not only learnt aspects of Graphic designing but entered the corporate world at such an age. Learning becomes so easy when you have good mentors. With the help of my peers and teachers, I have gained an understanding of a different world.


Vihar bharde

It's never too late to learn and you are never too old to become better.

My name is Vihar Bharde and I joined Digigrowhub through internshala as an intern. I'm 28 years old! Yes! Gasp a little. I started late because of some personal reasons and lack in completing my education. Graphic Designing caught my interest and I took a course in the same from Pune. After the course, I had to learn to apply my knowledge and found Digigrowhub in October 2020.

Initially, I was in a team where I was given tasks by the team leader but after a few months I got the opportunity to lead my own team in March 2021. I got to know and practice on many different software applications for graphic designing. By working here, I not only got to apply my expertise but gained managerial skills too. Now I’m not only an intern but any and every content goes through me for our social media handles. 

Another important thing that I learnt is from my team members. Their punctuality is commendable. Most of my team members are college students and they are extremely efficient. At such an age, they are teaching me important life lessons. 

I believe in being humble and I have an introverted personality but my team members and seniors have helped to bring the best off me. 

This is an opportunity I will forever be thankful for as I pivot my career prospects. Looking forward to getting job opportunities after this internship.


Soumiya B

Switching from Marketing to HR
‘ How Soumiya found her dream career’

From being Clueless and disinterested in Human Resources to studying MBA in Human resources, Ms Soumiya, the oxygen of our company as her leader Mr Sanyam used to call her because she was a core part of the team, is at a crest of a wave. Incipiently, “ I was oriented towards Marketing but only after joining Digigrowhub, I found out my true career path,” says Ms Soumiya.

Digigrowhub helps every student to grow at his own pace. Soumiya says she felt carefree as she was not pestered at any time, in the initial only 2-3 tasks were given and she was also given the choice to work at a position or not, her colleagues and leaders both were polite to her. Born in Kerala, she didn’t know Hindi, and just for her everyone communicated in English, which gave her a feeling of belongingness to the institution.

Her integrity, communication, problem-solving and leadership qualities made her bag the opportunity to work as a Head of Talent acquisition department of HR. Her work was to find resumés, Shortlist appropriate candidates and selecting the perfect candidates.

In her professional journey at Digigrowhub, she achieved a lot,” I got many incentives and was also rewarded for best employee thrice” says Ms Somumiya. She also highlighted that she never had a chance to lead a team and was elated and honoured when she was given a chance to lead one.

She is now interning at Uber as an HR and has completed 3 internships so far. But has never enjoyed her work more than in Digigrowhub,
“ What I liked most about Digigrowhub was that my trainers never acted like a boss, they always were a leader, I could address every problem to them,” says Ms Soumiya.

She also advised choosing a career based on your passion and where you feel that you can learn and grow. She says, mental peace matters more than money.


Shubha Gupta


From being someone who didn’t like to work to being the ORM head, i have come so far. I was sitting with my friends at a cafe, when suddenly my phone beeped up, and it was a message from Digigrowhub, ‘ You haven’t got the internship but if you want to learn you can join’. I was so disappointed at first, but then i decided to give it a shot.

My ideas used to be so unique that no one liked it before i joined digigrowhub. But here, at digigrowhub all my ideas were considered, my suggestion for reels, instagram quiz were not only appraised but executed.

My leaders Sanyam sir and Raziya ma’am always encouraged me, i have learnt so much from them from Quora marketing to Facebook marketing, they taught me everything in detail.
Though, many of my friends and family members have helped me to reach at this position no one has whipped me up more than my leaders.

I am a moody person and in my entire life i never was able to complete anything that i pledged to but working at Digigrowhub was so interesting and fun that i reflexively continued to work here.

Despite, growing up in a family of hard-working and diligent members, i was the only one who didn’t like to work but now i know the importance of work and how time management, perseverance and teamwork can improve a person’s work.

Tushar Singh

Hi! I am Tushar Singh and I am a web developer with HCL Technologies Ltd. I am from a small town in Himachal Pradesh and I completed my 12th exams from NCERT from the local Government School in my town. I worked hard to get good results and passed with 95% merit in 2015. Having a successful career and well paying job was always important to me. I wanted to get a well-paying job and make my parents proud but when it came down to choosing the right career option and course after my 12 results, I was completely clueless and confused. There were so many choices and I did not know which was the right choice

I asked my parents, friends and even my teachers but their advice could not give me a clear picture of what I wanted to do in the future. My friends had all started applying to colleges and here I was still there sitting without a clear idea on what course I should enroll in . I was desperate and searched all over from the internet to calling various colleges. At that time I got an email from DigiGrowHub stating “Are you struggling with your career options?”.

When I first got the email, I was a bit hesitant but my curiosity got the better of me and I opened the mail. I saw that DigiGrowHub was an E-Learning platform that focused on user-friendly practical learning and they were offering a career guidance session from Government Certified Career Counsellors (which was worth INR 2999) for free. On a whim, I decided to register for the free career counselling. After some time I got a call from the representative of DigiGrowHub. The representative was very friendly and asked me when I was available for the career counselling session. He also explained to me in detail the agenda of the career counselling session. The career-counselling session is a 30 minute google-meet one on one session with a government certified counsellor where we talk about my career interests, hobbies, background, best colleges and career options and at the end a complete analysis is given about the careers suitable for me. I got very interested and immediately asked to book a slot for the afternoon. I was nervous about the google meet but the counsellor made me very comfortable. We talked about my interests and what I wanted from my job, what are my hobbies and my family background. As we talked, he informed me about the options and courses that are available that align with my interests and also talked about the job opportunities. Within a short time all my confusion and doubts were cleared and I had a roadmap in my hand leading to my dream career. They also mailed me the complete analysis of the session and information on the courses and the colleges I could enroll in. I was just so happy. Now I had a clear path to my future career that granted me a well-paying job and a bright future. Thank you so much DigiGrowHub. Without you, I would not have been able to achieve my dreams.

DigiGrowHub is an e-learning platform and they offer practical oriented courses from leading universities in the world. One of the first steps that I did was to enroll in DigiGrowHub’s Web Development courses. Their courses are Government Certified degrees that are as valid as on-campus degrees. I loved learning through DigiGrowHub because firstly I could learn from everywhere and secondly their degrees are implementation and practical oriented that gives you an edge over others in the same industry.

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